Alter of deliverance

ministry of deliverance

Through this website we are able to reach  many innocent  souls that need deliverance and we are also able to give them online counsel 
steps to take to secure their deliverance

So many enviable destinies are caged,thwarted or destroyed through spiritual wickedness in high places

if you are experiencing any form of  spiritual attack and limitations in life then make haste reach us now sign our guest

 book and give us a short hint on the challenges you are facing


iIf you sincerely desire to receive liberty and fulfill your destiny,then there is nothing to hide.

The one that need deliverance must be truthful in describing the situation he or she is experiencing,this will enable

 the minister to give proper counsel  on steps to take to secure liberty

NOTE; it is you only that can best describe in details your own spiritual ordeal

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